Zora De Facto

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Zora De Facto is a character in the comic series Andorozon created by Ken Singshow but was also featured in Extinctioners comic series created by Shawntae Howard.

Zora De Facto

A Lion anthroid, Zora De Facto was the "Firstborn" of Dr. Van Burden's creations thus she was raised as being spoiled. Zora has taken the whole "Queen of the beasts" quite literary in her mind and she might even be considered more of a megalomaniac then her mother is. Zora was originally intended to be Dr. Van Burden's assistant but all the attention she received to being the first and the favorite quickly went to her head. Unfortunately, Dr. Van Burden does not allow herself the luxury of showing compassion to her "daughter" and so she often comes off as cold, leaving Zora to feel a loving resentment towards her mother for not bestowing her praise for everything she feels she has helped accomplished.

Zora now has been given the rank of Supreme Commander and this new title has only fueled her ego as she constantly flaunts it at her two sisters Tonya and Pandora. The other 2 sisters obey Zora's sometimes insane orders or her outlandish schemes, although often not very willingly. Despite the uneasy and often dysfunctional family they are, Tonya and Pandora do listen to and respect their sister. Zora sometimes misinterprets this respect and loyalty to their cause as pure love and devotion to her. It is at these times the rift between her and Pandora widens.

Zora easily inflates her ego with material gifts. Vanity and shallowness could be construed as her weakness. She loves being the commander, although she enjoys the simple life that luxury and wealth can bring. She does not want to work for what she has and would rather just live her days away sunbathing on some island resort. She first appeared in the Extinctioners comics in issue 10.

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