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Deo Vacuus or just Deo, also known as DeoTasDevil, is an artist and fursuiter. Deo's additional interests include sculpting, drawing, reading, wrenching on cars, small plumbing repairs for those in financial need, volunteer work, Habitat For Humanity projects, large machinery, and welding.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Deo first got into the fandom in 2005 when trying to build a werewolf costume. She regularly attends Furry Weekend Atlanta, Midwest FurFest and Anthrocon, enjoying buying artwork and supporting furry artists. Her house is jokingly called the Furry Commune, and is a sanctuary where she has furry artists who struggle financially and homeless furries live with her rent free.


Deo's fursona is a Tasmanian Devil.[1]


Since 2017, Deo's main fursuit character is Deo, a tasmanian devil. She has two versions, one by MagpieBones and one by Fleecerot.


Deo's art media consists of drawings, paintings, sculptures, and fursuits.


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