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ZodiaCon is a furry convention that takes place in the Czech Republic.


The staff of ZodiaCon:[1]

ZodiaCon 2011[edit]

The first ZodiaCon took place over May 20-22, 2011, in Tanvald, Czech Republic. The 2011 topic was The Dawn of Time. Sixty registered attendees from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Belgium attended.[2]

ZodiaCon 2012[edit]

The second ZodiaCon took place May 5-8, 2012, at the ŠARZ Vršov hotel near Pardubice, Czech Republic. The tagline was The sky is falling with a theme of post-catastrophic dystopian society.[3] There were 67 attendees, and several thousand CZK was raised for charity.

ZodiaCon 2013[edit]

The third ZodiaCon took place over May 16-19, 2013, again at the ŠARZ Vršov hotel. There were 74 attendees.[4]

ZodiaCon 2014[edit]

ZodiaCon 2014

The fourth ZodiaCon took place over May 30-June 2, 2014.[4] It was once again held in the ŠARZ Vršov hotel, near Pardubice, in the Czech Republic.

The theme for the convention was the Wild West, and the guest of honor was freelance artist Pan Hesekiel Shiroi.[4]

ZodiaCon 2015[edit]

ZodiaCon 2015

The fifth ZodiaCon took place from May 29 to June 1, 2015.[5] Like the year before, it was held in the ŠARZ Vršov hotel, near Pardubice, in the Czech Republic.

The theme for this year, held under the sign of Leo, was "The Mayan Expedition. South America, indian pyramids, lots of gold, human sacrifices..."[5]

ZodiaCon 2015's Guest of Honor was Keenora.[6]

ZodiaCon 2016[edit]

ZodiaCon 2016

The sixth ZodiaCon took place over May 26-29, 2016,[7] at the usual location (the Vršovská Brána hotel (formerly ŠARZ Vršov) in Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, Czech Republic).[7]

The con had a cyberpunk theme.[7]

ZodiaCon 2017[edit]

The seventh ZodiaCon was held over June 8-12, 2017, one day longer than the previous year.[8] It again took place at the Vršovská Brána hotel (formerly ŠARZ Vršov) in Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, in the Czech Republic.[8]

This year, the convention's Zodiac sign was Libra, the Scales. As these bring to mind "the scales of justice", the convention's theme was "roaring thirties", mafia rule and crime fighting in the 1930s.[8]

ZodiaCon 2018[edit]

The eighth ZodiaCon took place May 24-28, 2018, again at the Vršovská Brána hotel (formerly ŠARZ Vršov) in Horní Bradlo, near Pardubice, Czech Republic.

ZodiaCon 2019[edit]

ZodiaCon 2019

The ninth ZodiaCon took place on June 19-23, 2019, once more at the Vršovská Brána hotel. The theme was forest-based hunting Vikings.


The official banner of ZodiaCon, featuring all twelve signs.

Each ZodiaCon year has an animal mascot related to the zodiac sign representing it. The mascots are:

  • 2011: Aries ♈ - Lambert the ram
  • 2012: Taurus ♉ - Vartan the bull
  • 2013: Gemini ♊ - Castor and Pollux, the zebra twins
  • Although the logo of ZodiaCon 2014 incorporated the astrological symbol for Cancer (the crab), the convention's mascot appeared to break the zodiacal pattern of the previous years. The 2014 mascot was Jack O'Hare, a rabbit who was a "typical wild west settler".[4]
  • 2015 Leo ♌ - ?
  • 2016: Virgo ♍ - Ulrich, a cybernetic unicorn[7]
  • 2017: Libra ♎ - ?


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