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(P.A.) Zjonni has been active in furry fandom since the mid 1980s, and was one of the people responsible for ensuring that Confurence 0 happened when there was talk from primary sponsors about giving up on the idea.

Zjonni's best known works are the illustrations of Revar Desmera the vampire bat in Watts Martin's short story A Gift of Fire, a Gift of Blood and the sequel, The Lighthouse, both of which ran in Yarf!. In addition to his Yarf! work, he was a member of Rowrbrazzle for a time and was also published in the original Furversion, Charles P. A. Melville's The Furkindred, Mythagoras and Bill Fitts' fanzine Fuzzy Nips, among other places.

Zjonni edited and published a fanzine called Steam Victorian, and illustrated an episode of Associated Student Bodies and an episode of Empires. He occasionally attends conventions, but has rarely produced any artwork for public consumption since around 2000.

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