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Flaw (also Carol, Carolyn) is a former musician who lives in Oregon, USA. Her fursonas are a snow leopard-taur and a goat-dog hybrid character, and in the past she was known as a fennec fox named Ziya Fanak.

In mid-November 2012, Flaw made it publicly aware that she is transgender, having been born male but identifying as female.


Flaw (under the name of Ziya) started producing music in mid-December 2010, and has since produced several hundred tracks, less than half of which she had made publicly available on her old Fur Affinity account's gallery. She has since continued to occasionally produce new songs, some of which are publicly available via her Fur Affinity account's scraps gallery.

After stopping music uploads, and moving on to other creative practices, she has developed interests in graphic design, web design, programming, scripting, and writing documentation for her various projects.

Darn Blimps[edit]

In November 2012, Flaw came into ownership of the Darn Blimps Minecraft server after its original owner, Alexander Grey, could no longer afford the cost of maintaining it.

Since this acquisition, the server has broadened its appeal beyond primarily catering to members of the fatfur and inflation communities.

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