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Zipzap (born August 8, 1996)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, U.S.A.[1] Her fursona is a fox-corgi hybrid.

Zipzap built her own fursuit, which debuted at Anthrocon 2012.[2]

Zipzap does commissions and she vapes a lot. The vaping corgi fox can be found at every anthrocon since 2012. Her ambitions include partying until she is 72 years old and master vape tricks. As she works with many lesbians, her sexuality is gay until high, then her gay is turned into game. "Sometimes my sexuality confuses myself more than this economy" she once told me in an interview. Her favorite fanfiction pair is Oscar and Snuffaluffagus from Sesame Street. She is hard to contact but once you do she is an amazing friend. Find her at furrycons and meets in the Tristate area.

The color of her fursona is said to be an homage to the Minions.[citation needed]


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