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Zimmimaru (most commonly known as Zim) is a Siberian Husky furry who was born and raised in Louisiana, U.S.A. He is found on IMVU (with the username Zimman500) as a DJ, Sand Ninja, and Rave Club owner.

Character backstory[edit]

Zim comes from a long line of ninjas on his mother's side. Although his mother is a first-aid ninja, Zim has chosen to be a sand ninja. Zim's father abandoned his mother before he was born, and Zim has vowed to kill his father if he is ever found, for leaving his mother at such an important time.

Zim spars daily with his son, Grim. Although devoting a great deal of time to his children, he spends most of his time with his mate, Ian. Zim is part of the Sacred Moon pack, which is lead by his sister, Luna.

Although Zim's first master was abusive and cruel, his new master, Kira, is very caring and has given the best for Zim. When not being hunted down by mercenaries, Zim leads a happy life.

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