Ziko Ticondria

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Ziko Ticondria
Ziko Ticondria's fursona, art by Jaga Grey Fox
Ziko Topaz's fursona in Second Life

Ziko (born August 10, 1990), is a therian furry writer who lives in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA. He has identified himself as a therian wolf his entire life. Ziko was an avid furry role-player in the Second Life community for a few years before he became more involved with the furry fandom.


Ziko's fursona is a straight male wolf-demon hybrid, and was originally based off his Second Life avatar. After becoming active in the fandom, his fursona changed slightly to simplify it from the commonly overdone Second Life avatar to a more functional work of art. The wings and extra chains, horns, and other tattoos were removed for artistic simplicity sake.


Ziko's fursona stands at 5 feet, 6 inches (1.67 meters), weighing at 158 pounds (71.67 kilograms). His tail is 3 feet (91.44 centimeters) long, with his black claws being one inch (2.54 centimeters). His fur is black with orange-ish gold markings, with Red Arm Tattoo, Bone Tail, Red Eyes, and Grey Paw pads

Ornaments consists of all red piercings (one industrial Bar, two hoops), worn in both ears same, plus one eyebrow ring


Ziko Ticondria's fursuit was built by Artslave.


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