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Arazia (born April 22, 1981) is most commonly seen as a zoomorphic Barbary lion with yellow-golden fur, red paws, and flame red hair-tuft and tail. Her secondary fursona is an anthromorphic snow bengal cat with magic powers named Kita. She also has an albino gargoyle character based roughly off of Disney's Gargoyles. She earned a Bachelors Degree in computer science from Northern Illinois University in 2003 and works as a computer programmer. She is a writer, artist, and fursuiter who lives near Chicago, Illinois with a trio of cats and one bird.

She first discovered furry through the The Lion King Fan-Art Archive. After years of drawing Lion King fanart and seeing the anthropomorphic works of other artists, she decided to dabble in drawing her own furry characters. In 2005, she joined the Lake Area Furry Friends (LAFF). She regularly attends LAFF events such as softball, and bowling. She has also attended Midwest Furfest every year since 2005.

She has served as an administrator on a number of text-based role-playing games, most notably Ansible Moo and Angelic Layer Mush. She has served as a programing wizard and staff on other games as well. As of 2007 she has characters on The Lion King Muck, Ansible Moo, Pernworld, and Angelic Layer Mush.

Role-play: Gargoyles[edit]

Zia small.jpg

The first Arazia was a gargoyle character used in chat-based role-play. At the time, she was most widely known as the sorcerer legion commander of the Goblinoid Horde. She was most well known for her triumphant victory over an opposing guild leader during one of the Horde's many wars. This character existed until around 1999, when the Horde disbanded. Arazia and her mate Lux had three children: Andrea, Janus, and an unnamed hatchling. The youngest of her three children took her mother's name (Zia) and became Arazia's permanent gargoyle fursona.

Zia went on to become part of another chat-based group known as the Wyvern Clan. After spending a brief time among the heroes, Zia was taken in by a chaotic group who generally disliked humanity. While they tried to raise her in their image, Zia was soon kidnapped by a sorcerer and spent the majority of her young life under his control. She was rescued as a teenager and went on to try and re-discover where she belonged in the world. Later, she left the Wyvern Clan and became a rogue.

In 2003, Arazia became a founder of a role-playing game called Gargoyle Moo. The character of Zia was transferred to this game. There, she lived out her teenage years wrestling with her own demons with the help of her adopted father, Othello and the other gargoyles who formed a small clan named Evermoon. Gargoyle Moo was closed in 2005 due to a lack of player interest, and the character of Zia has been put on hold until Arazia can find a new Disney's Gargoyles role-playing group.

Role-play: Furry[edit]

Kita badge.jpg
Character Arazia Lioness.jpg

In the fall of 1999, on proddings from her college roommate, Arazia created a character on the now defunct African Tails MUCK. The lioness cub was adopted by Ewali and later became mate to Akeeto, the first Barbary lion on African Tails. She and her mate became the progenitors of the Barbary lion bloodline that existed until the change of themes on Sunrise MUCK in 2009. She has also played Kiapo, the Kivuli prince and founder of the Tufani/Tyne pride, Binti-mela, the insane oracle of Kivuli, and Kassi, the chimera daughter of Ewali. Her current fursona in the furry fandom is based off of the descendant of her original African Tails MUCK character, Arazia.

Her secondary character, Kita, was developed on an anime role-playing called Fantasy Moon Mush. Kita Mikage (known usually just as 'Kita') is a human who can change herself into an anthropomorphic cat-mage when using magical powers.

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