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Self portrait of Zhivago Daemon

Zhivago Daemon, aka Zhivago D, (born October 21, 1987) is a furry artist from Southern California, USA. Their fursona is a harpy eagle/jaguar hybrid character. Zhivago works primarily in digital media.

Greeting card giveaways[edit]

Zhivago occasionally holds greeting card giveaways for Valentine's Day or Christmas. The cards given away have one of four designs, randomly distributed to people who have signed up for the giveaway. The giveaway is funded out of Zhivago's pocket with help from donors.

Donors or sponsors who help fund the giveaways receive special perks, such as personalized thank yous, signed cards, donor only cards and sets, and special 'surprises'. Surprises differ from donor to donor.

Sign ups normally open one month ahead of the holiday.


Zhivago has attended many conventions, mostly in California. They were a guest of honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 along with Lacy and Cloudpouncer;[1] the theme that year was Furries in Wonderland. Zhivago usually deals either in the Dealer's Den or Artist Alley at cons and occasionally sells under the name Fandom Fashions.


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