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Zhiarie (born September 22th) is a German[1] furry artist of unknown gender. He is mostly known under his aliases "Zhiarie", "Zhi" or "(Corpse)Flayer". His fursona is a dog mouse hybrid.


Zhiarie uses several drawing tools, mostly Easy Paint Tool Sai or Copic Ciao markers. His favorite motives are anthropomorphic animals, mostly his own fursona or his boyfriend/girlfriend's fursona.


Zhiarie's fursona, originally created in 2009, is a male dog mouse hybrid that has a superhero ego called "(Corpse)Flayer". As a superhero, he wears a light gray suit with red details (handkerchief and buttons) and fedora, a black shirt with a red tie and black shoes and mask. Zhi has light brown fur with darker markings on the outer ears, nose, tailtip, feet and the eel back. His iris is of a light green shade. His haircut is rather long, looks scruffy and is of the same dark brown color as his markings.


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