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Zenuel's Fursona in his usual outfit, as depicted by Temrin.

Zenuel is a furry fan who currently lives in Canada.[1] His fursona is a large (six-foot) black and white wolf.

Zenuel helped edit and host AnthroMedia until it's end, currently however he is working towards his art career, doing freelance graphic design work for various groups as well as publishing his creative writing. A good portion of his work stemmed from his time with the Ontario Furries forum, creating a signature for almost every active member.

Aside from his usual art and writing, he also creates music in his spare time, categories include:

His artistic and musical talents range far and wide across all types of artist mediums, dating back to Flash 8 animating and even voice acting for a time. Always seen creating something, this wolf is constantly on the look out for new styles, sounds, and ideas to keep him motivated and creating.

"Imagine if you will for a moment, you set down a glass of water onto a table, not but a moment ago said table was empty, save for a few other drinks or the like, upon setting down your glass you see that you've managed to accidentally trap a fly under the dome shaped underside of the cup, however, there's no paper or stuff to put under the cup and get rid of the fly, at this point you wonder what to do with it before you pick your glass up to drink again, well that's roughly what [art] is like for me, I have to guess just which medium my feelings fit into at any given time."
~Zenuel on Creative Demons

Zenuel relaxing in AZ

Currently working on finishing his art degree.



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