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Zen nelloart.png
Altar, Zen's fursona.
Occupation3D Artist, Game Developer, Voice actor
Years active2008 - present
Associated StudiosChucklefish, MidBoss, Nintendo

Zenuel is a furry game developer and artist living in Australia, their fursona is an angelic robot bird character named Altar.

Previously an editor and co-host for AnthroMedia and other small furry-focused radio shows. They went on to write, design and voice games starting with Starbound as a writer and designer in 2012, and 2064: Read Only Memories as the voice of Leon Dekker in 2015. Since then they have contributed and released several games on Steam and Itch.io.


Year Album Title
2011 Beginnings
2012 If Life Were Singleplayer
The Cat & The Castle
2013 Demons Vol. 1
Death & Other Illusions
2014 The Polygon Playground
Demons Vol. 2
2017 Corpse Medicine
2020 TFIL


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Read-Only-Memories voice actor announcement
Zenuel's Itch.io page
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