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Zen Malori Fetcher is a Kansan artist and musician. His fursona is a brown furred, feral mouse.


Zen was born in central Kansas on April 19, 1991. A musician by heart, Zen began to play the piano at the age of five. When he turned 14, Zen played in the school band sitting first chair trombone. He went on to later rank in many regional and state competitions and placed 7th chair in the KMEA Honor Band. He also one a spot in the KMEA Honor Choir as a tenor. At the age of 16, he joined a local rock band as a keyboardist, but shortly left do to problems in school and being in hostile bar environments.

Zen soon after quitting, began to learn how to play the guitar and drums. Having learned to play the drums, he often play the trap set for the pep band as well as the trombone. Learning how to record music from his guitar class, Zen began writing and composing his own compositions as well as recording them.

Fandom involvement[edit]

It was around this time that Zen began to Role Play on various MUCKs. It was then on April 30th, 2008 Zen created his fursona and declared himself a Fur. Introduced to the Furry Fandom, Zen became fascinated with the artwork and soon began to learn how to draw traditionally and digitally. From there, his interest in the Furry Community grew. His interest in Babyfur grew as well. He began to Role playing as a baby mouse or cub.


Zen is a red eyed, brown and white furred mouse with noticeably long fur and a two-toned tail. Age wise, Zen appears to be around twenty-three years old, though at times he can behave more like a three year old. His most noticeable physical attributes are his eyes and the fact he often wears a blue collar with a yellow pendant.[1]

In role play, Zen is overtly friendly and curious, Zen often sees interactions with others as a vital means of survival and thus, seeks out much love and affection. While he may be a super nice, friendly mouse, sometimes his constant sulking or whining may show something near opposite. With this in mind, Zen loves to be nurtured and cared for. To meet this need, he sometimes can change his form to meet the desire. Zen can change his form to be a toddler or child[2], an anthropomorphic mouse, or even more commonly, a feral, four-legged mouse.


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