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Mugshot of Zel the Wolf/Aaron Thomas Usery

Zel the Wolf (born May 11, 1994), real name Aaron Thomas Usery, also known as Zel Naturo, Zel Velano, and Zel Wolfe, is a furry who lives in Mesa, Arizona, USA. His fursona is a black, white, and green wolf.[1]


On March 23, 2016, Kansas officials alerted Mesa police to a sexual relationship that Usery was having with two 12-year-old girls.[2]

A parent of one of the children told police in Overland Park, Kansas, that their daughter and her friend were in an inappropriate relationship online with a man from Mesa since September 2014.[2] Usery told investigators that he met one of the victims on the art-sharing website DeviantArt,[3] and, according to court records, the relationship ended in February 2015.[4]

The Overland Park police reported that evidence found on the victims' electronic devices had photos and videos of Usery that were "sexual in nature".[2] The girls also sent him nude pictures and videos of themselves.

Mesa police seized Usery's computer and phone, and also found sexual pictures and videos of Usery and the girls. During their investigation, they also found a video showing Usery "receiving oral sex"[3] with the family dog.[2]

Usery was arrested on Tuesday April 12, and faced charges of sexual exploitation a minor, providing obscene material to minors, luring a minor for sexual exploitation, and bestiality.[2] He was held on a $25,000 bond and was scheduled to appear at Maricopa County Superior Court on April 20.[4]

Whilst in custody, Usery was interviewed by Channel 12, when he admitted his guilt, expressed remorse for the crimes, and said he did not plan to contest the charges.[5]

Usery was sentenced to seventeen years' imprisonment for the "sexual exploitation a minor" charge.[6]


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