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Zeekule Reynard (born February 19),[1] also known as Zeek, is a furry artist, fursuit-maker, and fursuiter.Originally from Lake Hughes, California, USA,[2] as of March, 2013, Zeekule is attending Brigham Young University–Idaho, studying Mechanical Engineering.[3]

Zeekule's fursona (and fursuit character) is a green kitsuragon (Draconis canid), a kitsune-dragon hybrid.[3]


Zeekule has always been a fan of anthromorphic animal characters, having grown up with Sonic the Hedgehog, Teddy Ruxpin, anthro characters from Sierra games, and various Disney animations.[4]

Zeekule became aware of the furry fandom when he bought a cheap yellow fox costume off of eBay, to wear to Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. He was asked on occasion if he was a furry, but, at that time, did not know what the term meant. (However, he said he was, based on the logic that he was dressed as a furry creature.) Zeekule later saw the Fur and Loathing episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and remembered being asked if he was a furry. He sought out more information on the Internet, learning about conventions and art websites. Realising this was an organised group with similar interests to his own, he began to feel that he was already a part of it.

Zeekule officially entered the fandom when he went to his first Los Angeles furs meet in Hollywood, before it was reorganized, and to Califur 2 months later. His love of costuming was what really pulled him into the fandom; his love of Renaissance fairs and costume parties drew him to the fursuiting aspect of the fandom.


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