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Zeek Tyrone Harper (or Zeek Hedgehog) is a furry who resides in Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A. He is twenty-six years old as of September 2007.

His fursona is an orange, male, non-Sonic style hedgehog whose age varies from four to twenty-five years old.

Zeek tries to attend many furry conventions. His usuals are Rocket City Furmeet and Mephit Furmeet. He has also attended Furry Weekend Atlanta, Morphicon, and Oklacon.

He is a somewhat active babyfur, a member of North Alabama Regional Furs, a Christian fur, and helps run Rainbow Ark. His first fursuit, recently acquired as of 2007, was built by Magnus Diridian. This made Zeek the first hedgehog suiter in the furry fandom that is not of the Sonic style design.

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