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Zed (born May 12), is a furry artist and fursuiter from Austria.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Zed has been active in the furry fandom since 2001, although he stopped drawing somewhere around 2009. He is still an active member of the furry macro-community and part of the Austrian fandom in Vienna, Austria. Since 2020 he is also active in VRChat.


Zed's OC is a dark-green anthropomorphic raptor with black stripes on his back and a black-and-blue feather-crest on his head, often featured as a rogue or thief in pictures.


Zed owns a fursuit which was created by Dragon-x2, and is often showcased at various European furry conventions like Eurofurence, EAST, Nordic Fuzzcon and Confuzzled.

Convention attendance[edit]

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