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Zaxtor Znort, or just Zaxtor (real name Cedric Lutes, born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada),[1] is a Canadian artist that specializes in photomorphing media who lives in Quebec.


Zaxtor is biocentric and an environmentalist. In 2012, he became a ovo-lacto vegetarian. He is a firework[clarify] enthusiast. Zaxtor is also a Duke Nukem 3D modding enthusiast, with his most notable releases being two standalone total conversion mods (Oblivion in February 2009 and The Invasion of Trequonia in August 2017).[citation needed]

Zaxtor is an animal rights advocate; and is against tobacco, capitalism, and Monsanto.[citation needed]


Zaxtor Znort's character is an anthropomorphic fossa.


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