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Artwork depicting the Zaseishin character
Art of Zaseishin © Jay Naylor

Zaseishin ("Zah-say-shin"), born July 20, 1982, is an otaku, gamer, and furry located in the Bay Area of California. He is married, and has been a member of the Furry fandom since 1999. His first encounter with the fandom was through the Yiffy Foxies gaming community. He became part of their Counter-Strike server administration team and helped moderate the community till it shutdown in 2001. Thanks to one of YF's founders, rat, Zas learned to edit map entities and server mods which he'd apply while serving the community as it migrated along the servers of Furry East (2001-2003), Kivuli's Tree (2003-2004), and Counter-Addiction (2004-2008). Since then he has dabbled in art, but has mostly stuck to furry gaming communities. Currently, he can be contacted through the Fur Affinity website where he remains an active member.


Zaseishin represents both his online identity and his character of the same name as a brown cat with black stripes. His online identity uses the character as a personal trademark and persona when registering with websites, chat systems, and other services. Otherwise, his character is a fictional person named "Zaseishin Tsukino" who appears in artwork and short stories. The character's backstory is set in the fictional universe of Crisis Edge, and has a cocky but friendly personality (similar to characters such as Dante abd Sonic). The name Zaseishin Tsukino is Japanese inspired. The given name combines "Za," a Japanese phonetic for the English word "the," and "seishin," which translates roughly as "the soul." Tsukino is a Japanese surname which means "of the moon."

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