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Zammy Ishkaru, also known as ZamoraPaw (real name Cavan), is a fursuiter and convention-goer who lives in Tennessee, USA.


In real life, Zammy attends East Tennessee State University.[1] He works at McDonald's and Lowe's and as a systems administrator at RedCell Intelligence Group.[1]

Zammy's hobbies include video games, building and coding computers, Pokémon, anime, fursuiting, fixing computers, and coding hacks for games with Lua and C++ such as Combat Arms, TF2, and Gmod.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Zammy is almost always seen at conventions in the east and south of the United States, such as Anthrocon and Furry Weekend Atlanta.


Zammy's character is a "Rain Bunny" whose colors are pink, light blue, and yellow.[1] The fursuit of his character was made by Sparky Can Do.[1]

Convention attedance[edit]

Conventions Attended: Anthrocon 2009-2013, FWA 2011, FWA 2014, Confuzzled 2012, Furthur Confusion 2011, Mephit Furmeet 2009, Fangcon 2013, MCFC 2014, Comic-con 2009, Yamacon 2012-2013, Etsucon 2013-2014, Blizzcon 2010


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