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Zaishi Mai is the fursona of a British film-maker from Cheshire, England.

Pre-furry/Discovering the fandom[edit]

Zaishi discovered the furry fandom after joining Silentwulf's forum in late December, 2006 (and becoming an administrator in April 2008). However, it was not until late June, 2008, that he became a member of the fandom after attending ConFuzzled with Alexander Grey, Silentwulf, and Ember Komodog.

Attending the convention from a mundane perspective, whilst compiling a media report for The Furtean Times, allowed Zaishi to see the fandom from a different view, and he realised that he belonged within it.


Zaishi Mai's Fursona drawn by LRou.

After a conversation with NinjaWulf, Zaishi decided that he was best characterised as a lion, but also had traits of a wolf. Hence, his fursona became a lion-wolf hybrid, with mainly lion characteristics.

Having used the name "Zaishi" online for over a year on various forums and websites, he decided that his fursona would follow suit, and, taking his last name from Second Life, "Zaishi Mai" was created.

The first version of his fursona, seen right, was drawn by LRou as a favour.

Fandom Activities[edit][edit]

In April 2008, Zaishi became an administrator on the website, and has helped to maintain the forum since then, including during Silentwulf's trip to Europe.

Previously, he was a moderator for the forum during 2007, but this was revoked.

The Furtean Times[edit]

Zaishi wrote an article about ConFuzzled from the perspective of a mundane for The Furtean Times, published on the 1st of July, 2008. Zaishi also provided Alexander Grey with the domain name for, as well as (rather poor, as it turned out) hosting for three months as a tribute to what he has done for the fandom. You can read his report here.


You can find Zaishi on Second Life under the name Zaishi Mai. You can also find Zaishi on World of Warcraft under the name Zaishi of the EU Terenas realm.

Zaishi Films[edit]

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In June 2008, Zaishi opened a new website,, in order to showcase his comedic work.


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