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Yuuki (2015 Design, artwork by Fiuefey)

Yuuki (born February 25, 1994) is a furry artist, furry hypnotist, Convention Staffer, Convention Volunteer and Convention Speaker who lives in Pennsylvania, USA. They were introduced to the fandom in 2009 and became increasingly active in late 2012.

Yuuki is the current Director of Operations for FA: United and Department Director of Volunteer Operations for Fur the 'More.


Kitsune (2014-Present)[edit]

Yuuki (2014 Design, artwork by Fiuefey)

Yuuki is a 5 tailed Kitsune with gold fur and white tipped highlights, tails, and ears. They are a genderfluid and are comfortable with any pronouns from description. Their standard attire is a dress that draws inspiration from the League of Legends character, Ahri. Their eyes have two distinct colors: Gold and Amethyst, which denote either docile or mischievous behavior. Despite this, Yuuki's personality is generally aloof and friendly.

2015 Redesign[edit]

Yuuki underwent some small cosmetic changes in early 2015, replacing their kimono-inspired dress with capri jeans, a button down sakura shirt, and white lab coat. Their hair was also changed to flow down their back with pigtails tied using small bells. They also were redesigned wearing glasses. They released their 2015 design at Biggest Little Fur Con 2015. They officially renamed their fursona to Yuukari I. Shishome with the release of the design.

In a statement on their FurAffinity journal, they mentioned why they wanted to redesign their fursona. [1]


Then I look at Yuuki as they are now. When I first thought them up their design and character came to mind almost instantly.. it was later on that I decided what exactly in my mind inspired that design. Based on how I felt at the time I made Yuuki in that image. And some of that kind of scares me. I was not in a very clear mindset at the time that I engaged that idea.. I fear that I made a bad decision on how I wanted to perceive myself. Yet over time that perception grew on me until I believed that was the real me until the events between August and November that made my little world come crashing down around me.


Arctic Fox (2012-2014)[edit]

Yuuki (2012 Design, artwork by Sciggles)

Yuuki's fursona used to be an Arctic fox named R. Yuukari Shishome, or Yuuki chan, with cream-tipped ears and tail. He had golden eyes that often confused people into thinking he was a wolf.


Yuuki is a frequent visitor to the Furnet IRC. He can also be found on Fur Affinity, Weasyl, and Twitter under the handle @fluffsune.


Yuuki frequently attends monthly Furbowl meetings in Eastern Pennsylvania as well as several local conventions and continental U.S. conventions.


Yuuki has attended the following furry conventions and meets:

Convention Staffing[edit]

Yuuki was Volunteer staff member at FA: United Beginning in 2014 and plans on returning for following years. Yuuki worked beside the volunteer coordinator, Kobura (2014), and handled everything and anything that needed to be done and didn't have someone to do it. Yuuki generally volunteers their entire convention time to such endeavors.

In 2015, Yuuki was given a staff position at Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 in 2015 for the Art Show. During Fur the 'More 2015 closing ceremonies, Yuuki was appointed a staff position at Fur The More as Assistant Director of Radio Operations by Kiba Youkai for Fur the 'More 2016. Yuuki was an Ops Staff Member during FAU 2015.

In 2016, Yuuki was a Con Ops Staff Member for Further Confusion 2016 and has also been appointed Director of Operations for FA: United. Yuuki was also appointed to Department Director of Volunteer Operations under the Operations Division for Fur The 'More

Convention Panelist and Speaker[edit]

Yuuki began hosting panels beginning with the "Hypnosis Panel" and the "Therian & Otherkin Discussion Panel" at Biggest Little Fur Con 2015.

Convention Panel Name Copanelists Panel Content Attendance Rating Time and Day Location Length of Panel [hh:mm]
Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 Hypnosis and the Furry Fandom None 2015 "Ethics" 32 18+ 8:00pm PT, Friday Panel Room 3 01:30
Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 Therian & Otherkin Discussion None Open Forum 30 18+ 4:00pm PT, Saturday Panel Room 2 01:15
Fur the 'More 2015 Hypnosis and the Furry Fandom None 2015 "Ethics" 6 16+ 1:30pm ET, Sunday (Was 1:00pm) Panel Room 3 00:15
FA: United 2015 Yuuki's Hypnosis Discussion None 2015 "Ethics" 15 18+ 8:00pm ET, Saturday Parsippany Room 01:00
Further Confusion 2016 Yuuki's Hypnosis Discussion None 2016 "Technique" 55 18+ 10:00pm PT, Saturday Hilton: University 01:30
Fur the 'More 2016 Yuuki's Hypnosis Discussion None 2016 "Technique" 20 18+ 10:00pm ET, Saturday Madison Room 01:00
Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 Therian & Otherkin Discussion None Open Forum 25 18+ 4:00pm PT, Saturday Teton 01:30
Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 Yuuki's Hypnosis Discussion None 2016 "Technique" 35 18+ 10:00pm PT, Saturday Teton 01:30
FAU 2016 Therian & Otherkin Discussion None Open Forum 18 18+ 5:00pm ET, Saturday Rockbridge 00:45
FAU 2016 Yuuki's Hypnosis Discussion None 2016 "Technique" 30 18+ 10:00pm ET, Saturday Chesapeake 01:45

Thoughts on conventions and the fandom[edit]

Following Yuuki's first convention in 2013, he made a public statement regarding conventions and the fandom.[2]


FAU6 was the first convention i've gone to, and while I was there I think I easily spent well over $250 in the way of gas money, art, and food... and I only spent Friday and Sunday at the convention! ...

..Conventions are something special. It really can show what a group of people who are passionate about similar interests can accomplish for the sake of others. While it normally isn't something that is the main goal when attending conventions, the fact that we go out of our way to raise money for charities in these conventions is just breath taking in it's own stance. Just think about what kind of world we could live in if everyone was happy and willing to help eachother out all the time... we would have less violence, less war, and less hurt... It would be amazing!



Yuuki Partial Suit by Yonoa of The Fuzz Factory in October, 2015.

On October 17th, 2015; Yuuki debut their first partial fursuit of the character, Yuukari. It was debuted locally in Pennsylvania during an Eastern Fur Meet's Halloween Party and will be further debuted at Furpocalypse 2015. The fursuit was made by Yonoa of The Fuzz Factory.


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