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YourMovieSucksDOTorg, also referred to as YMS and also known by his real name Adam Johnston is a movie reviewer and critic who is from Canada.

His YouTube[edit]

What he does[edit]

Adam is best known for doing movie reviews on YouTube. He also jokes around the flaws of each movie.

YMS Reviews Cool Cat[edit]

Most people know about YMS for his review of Cool Cat: Saves The Kids, a children's educational film meant to teach children about bullying and how to avoid it.[1] Despite the film being critically panned, the initial review of the movie by YMS was praised by director and creator of Cool Cat Derek Savage. He even went as far as to offer Adam a position in his next movie which was later taken back following drama between him and YouTuber I Hate Everything who made a similar review.

As a furry[edit]

Although Adam is more known for being a movie reviewer, he has been involved in the furry fandom going as far back to 2008.[2] He has also collaborated with other furries including his review on furry movies which he did with Majira Strawberry.[3]


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