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The YouTube Furry War is a term used to refer to incidents between anti-furry trolls against certain furries within the video service YouTube, which began around summer 2007. The furry war is notable for the mass-hacking of numerous YouTube furry accounts.[citation needed] The incidents were more or less localized to the Google service, with minor notes and news of coming from inside to the rest of the fandom.[citation needed]


Soki Twopaw reading his Ultimatum Declaratum

The Ultimatum Declaratum[edit]

Although many theories[clarify] still circulate as to how the YouTube Furry War had begun, it is widely held in belief to have been started by user Soki Twopaw who, fed up with the outweighing number of negative and defamatory comments on his videos, promoted the idea of a furry uprising against the YouTube trolls.[citation needed]

This eventually turned into Ultimatum Declaratum,[1], a video created by Soki to express his disdain and solution about the trolls. This was suggested to be the catalyst for the YouTube Furry War[citation needed] Initially, many furries[who?] were in favor of the rebellion.

However, this also drew the attention of many trolls[who?], who all immediately lampooned such an idea. As a result, many anti-fur YouTube users[who?] (not all were necessarily trolls) started to massively spam furry-related videos whether their authors were involved in the conflict or not.[citation needed]


A group calling themselves the FCTC (or the Fried Chicken Trolling Crew), appeared soon after the start of the war with the specific purpose of posting inflammatory comments and phishing furry-related YouTube accounts. The most notable of these was in late 2007, where a failed phishing attempt was circulated through e-mails and falsified YouTube pages.[citation needed]

This was soon halted after allegedly being reported by various furries; no perpetrators have been caught. The group however managed to hack countless furry-related YouTube accounts.[citation needed]

Fall 2007[edit]

Between the summer and winter periods of 2007, the war mostly grew into an exchange of videos and comments between various furries and the FCTC with some major events breaking the monotony such as the hacking and vandalism of several YouTube pages, MySpace accounts, the website of Silentwulf, and a furry invasion of 7chan on September 2, 2007.[citation needed]

A video series, titled the YouTube Furry War, was started by Alexander Grey to specifically counter comments left by trolls in a calm and logical manner; by means to contrast to the usually angry and loathing videos left by enraged furs.[who?] The series ran for only a few months under the YouTube Furry War title, to be replaced by a news series untitled the Furry Guru.

The end[edit]

Towards the end of 2007 the war had largely died down. Troll accounts[who?] had been suspended or deleted by this time. Although many[who?] state that the furry war had ended around late December 2007, some[who?] claim the war still continues to persist (albeit at a relatively small level), though this is simply the "normal" amount of trolling furries often receive.



A group known as the New Furry Military (N.F.M), later changed to the New Furry Movement, was established to counter trolling activities directed against furries on YouTube and other sites. However controversial incidences involving the group combined with internal strife ultimately proved to be the NFM's demise.[citation needed]


On the spring of 2011, a group known as the New Furry Coalition (N.F.C.) was established to gather YouTube furries that receive huge amount of trolling.[clarify] This group, however, was the reason for the recreation of two formerly trolling groups, the AATC (Al-Aqsa Trolling Crew) and the D2FC (Death2FagsCoalition),[citation needed] which were trolling and hacking various furry YouTube accounts and the POS (Paws of Sanitas), an anti-zoophilia furry-related group.[citation needed]

Summer 2011[edit]

On May 29, 2011, user Timothy Michael McHugh, also known as Sirius Orionis, released a YouTube video about Encyclopedia Dramatica (.ch), requesting members of the fandom to tear the site down, personally labeling it a hate site against the furry fandom.[2]

This caused Encyclopedia Dramatica to write an entry about McHugh.[3]


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