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Yoshimaster96 is a user on FurAffinity and DeviantART, who takes an interest in vore. His fursona is an alien named Yuki.


The name was originally used on the ROM hacking forum SMWCentral, dated December 2012. The name comes from Yoshi, a Mario character, and 96, the number of exits in Super Mario World, the game the forum focuses on. It was later used on at least five to ten sites, and a variation, Yoshimaster96smwc, was used if the original name happened to be taken, which was a sort of homage to the original usage of the username. Yoshimaster96 joined FurAffinity in the fall of 2014. Initially, there was a small feud between Yoshimaster96 and his parents, regarding them allowing him to participate in the vore community. It was later resolved via a compromise. He now considers himself a developing artist, although he struggles and asks rather deep questions sometimes.


Yuki is from an original species called Ooblings. They tend to keep to themselves, so they are not well-known across the stars. Although they have knowledge of most languages, including English, they speak it in a rather "broken" fashion, because their native language only has six sounds, p, t, k, a, i, and u. In fact, Yuki's real name is Pukikita1, though he uses Yuki when speaking with others, because it is more familiar. Yuki can do this, because a friend he met while traveling gave him a sound chip, that he swallowed, and gave him the ability to pronounce all the sounds in the English language, and other sounds for other languages, both human and alien1.

Yuki's powers consist of a small handful of powerful abilities. The main, and most used, ability, is eating (vore). He has two stomachs, one can digest, and the other cannot. He can also liquify into a pool of slime. This can be used to slither up walls too. There are other non-canon abilities, such as navel and anal vore, the former never having been depicted.

1. Non-canon.

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