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Yoshi is a dinosaur character appearing in a number of video games, mostly related to Mario produced by Nintendo, as well as the name of the species of dinosaur to which he belongs. Yoshi first debuted in the platformer game Super Mario World on the Japanese Super Famicom in 1990, and later on the U.S. Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. Yoshi proved to be a hit with the fans, including many furries, due to his vaguely anthropomorphic nature. Characters have been created of the species and many artwork exists of him, including those of an adult nature, often depicting him using his trademark long tongue. Yoshi is popular amongst vore furry fans due to his in-game abilities to swallow his opponents whole. Yoshi also has some popularity among Macro furry fans as well. Yoshi was created by Nintendo's a graphics designer Shigefumi Hino. Yoshi was originally a nonmorphic dinosaur, suited best for riding, but after the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the character was designed to be more anthropomorphic as his role evolved into a playable character of his own.