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Yosh! logo.jpg
Author(s) Philip Brown, Alex Petersen
Update schedule Monday and Friday
Launch date November 2003
End Date Ongoing
Genre Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
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Yosh! is a webcomic drawn by Philip "Sage" Brown and co-written by Alex "Axel" Petersen. It currently updates Monday and Friday. Furry content includes Kate and Blue, both catgirls, Rieko, a robot Fox-girl, and Penpen, a penguin who has a particular interest in Jell-O. Some of the characters are based on real life friends of the authors. The webcomic was hosted by The Katbox from 2012 through 2019.


Ten years before the start of the comic an event called The Weirding brought magic back to earth, turning many people into "Chimeras", some of them part human, part animal. (A-Type Chimeras), and some of them gaining access to powerful magic (M-type Chimeras).

Over the course of the story, however, the characters begin to piece together a lost history of the Earth, when monsters and demons roamed and mankind was subjugated by several very powerful mages. But their reign came to an end when a hero, with the help of other mages, common people and a small group of powerful demons sealed away most of the magical power that fueled these unstoppable tyrants.

With most of this magic sealed away the Magi fell from power, but so too did the worlds kingdoms whose reliance on magic caused them to crumble as that magic faded. The Weirding marked the release of the first of those seals and the return of magic to the earth. As the descendants of those mages from the forgotten era awaken to the magic of their bloodlines, at least some of them seem intent on reclaiming the dominance their ancestors once held...


  • Phil - Phil is an artist that Later finds out he's a Null - a rare person who is immune, and has the ability to nullify the power of magic. Unlike Nulls before him, however, he is also immune to most physical damages, normally something that would make him perfect in battle but his lack of physical strength, speed, agility and any martial arts or weapon fighting makes him nearly useless for such things.

Phil is easy-going and often absent-minded, but he is also tolerant, brave and caring. He lives with the catgirl and his girlfriend Kate, and will do anything to protect her. What he lacks in physical ability he makes up for in his determination, and his knowledge of normally completely useless information that suddenly has a use now that the real world has become more like a fantasy world from his favorite books and movies.

  • Axel - Axel is a man of a few words. He has always had an aura around him but had never been known to do anything like what he does now. He was possessed by a demon during the Weirding, the demon was too strong to be able to slip through from his world to Earth (Which apparently requires a lot of magical power on Earth but the Weirding was a large burst of energy but it was wide spread and not focused enough for it to use).

It saw a spike in demonic energy on Earth, realizing that it was a person he tried to use the person as a gateway. Fortunately Axel was able to contain the demon with his own power and with the help of a demon that was already on Earth, known only as "The Demoness". With the demon sealed inside him he slowly learns more about his powers.

Later in the story the demon is removed from him and while his stamina for using demonic magic decreased from the loss of the demon inside of him he gained full use of his abilities.

  • Shiden - Shiden maintains a underground research laboratory and makes robot girls. That sums that up rather nicely actually...

He's a friend of Phil's and is responsible for the creation of many of the other main characters in the story. He's a genius inventor who discovered a magical mineral that solved his power issues in his robotic creations and made him extraordinarily rich. With a limitless supply of electric power generated by the mineral in his generator designs he plans to someday make the use of fossil fuels obsolete.

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