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Yiffy International is an adult furry community that was created by a merger between Yiffy.Tk, Yiffy.Net and Furrum. It describes itself as a premier furry venue and at inception boasted over 4,600 registered users, almost 2,000 furry sites in its directory and a plethora of furry art in its artist galleries and image board, Ychan.

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[edit] Languages

As of October 2008, Yiffy International is available in the following languages:

  • Canadian English
  • French
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chilean Spanish
  • Finnish

Language files are produced by volunteers and are available for review here. The Yiffy International administration encourages users fluent in English and another language to contribute to the project.

[edit] History

[edit] August 2008 - The new site goes live

Yiffyint merge.jpg
Yiffy International was formed as a merger of 3 sites: Yiffy.Net, Yiffy.Tk, and Furrum in August of 2008.

The following statement along with the logo at right was released by the administrators on August 18th, 2008 to welcome users to the new site as well as provide a brief explanation and rationalization for the merger:

Yiffy.Tk was a vibrant site with a slow forum, Yiffy.Net was a vibrant forum but needed a full site and Furrum.com had recently been dropped by its webhost due to attacks. We all came together to give our users a more robust and active venue than we could offer on our own, and to give those who lost their accounts on Furrum a new place to start.

Users from all 3 sites were merged into one database along with their profile fields and avatar images. To provide the latest features the forums from all three sites were dropped and a brand new board was integrated into the custom content management system. Instructions were promptly posted on Yiffy International's forums describing steps users could take to save their old threads to their computer or to port them over to the new site.

Due to a falling out with some of the Yiffy.Net members that were to become staff of the new site, only the founders of Yiffy.Tk and Yiffy.Net were in administrative positions when the site went live. At the time of this writing the Yiffy International administration is considering who to fill the moderating roles with.

When the site launched in August 2008, all of the more popular features and content from Yiffy.Tk were retained, including the site directory, Ychan, Oekaki, the fiction library, and a site-wide favorite system. After a brief trial of one of Yiffy.Net's original chat applications - FlashChat - it was decided that it would be replaced by Yiffy.Net's more recent package, AJAX Chat. A Java based client for IRC is also available.

[edit] Sources

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