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Blue Taboo
Blue Taboo logo 2.png
Author(s) Owner:
  • Site Founder: Inaki
  • Lead Admin:
  • Admins:
  • Tech Staff:
Status offline
Launch date * Yiffit: April 24, 2007 - September, 2008
  • Blue Taboo: ? - ?
Genre Art media community
Censor NC17 button.png
Blue Taboo's mascot, Taboo

Blue Taboo, formerly known as Yiffit until September 2008, is a currently in development art site. The site currently houses forums dedicated to the development, as well as a splash page mentioning the site as coming soon.


Yiffit logo

Blue Taboo operated under the name Yiffit until September 2008, and was an adult furry art website with moderated content[1]. Its sister site, Furverts, held mature art from all artists. It was based on the same codebase as ArtSpots, though they were run by different people.

Yiffit shutdown[edit]

Yiffit went offline after a server move caused a number of issues. The site was never brought back up due to problems with the code and personal obligations within the team, eventually resulting in the domain expiring and the site shutting down for good.[2] At its height it hosted along with Furverts approximately 20,000 submissions.

Blue Taboo[edit]

After the server move effectively killed the original incarnation of the site it was decided to start fresh and to create a new site dubbed Blue Taboo which would accept submissions without moderation. Current development is still in the early stages after a number of discussions on how best to tackle the project. The site will run on a custom built gallery engine called Bandage which will eventually be released under the AGPL. Progress is being made, with volunteer applications and a call for help from the community already taking place.[3]



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