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Yiffing.com was the DVD and direct download sales site for BeastPaint.com, Fursuitsex.com and Fursuitsex.net. It is owned by Python International and run by Burmese Python. As of the middle of 2010, the website has had only a single message saying ""Yiffing.com We will be back online in July, 2010 Thank You for your patience, and we hope to see you soon!" Though the stated time for the website to go back online is long overdue, the website keeps the same message, and appears to be on long-term hiatus. Furthermore, the "Join Now" button on the afforementioned three sites are now dead links.

In addition to BeastPaint and Fursuitsex sales, yiffing.com also sold animal penis-shaped sex toys, personal lubricant, gay furry pride pins, and the graphic novel series Heathen City, which is produced by Bad Dog Books.

Yiffing.com and Burmese Python attend all of the major furry conventions, offering all of these products and also a lamination service for con badges.