Yiff party (term)

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A yiff party is a type of room party at a furry convention where furries may engage in sexual intercourse with each other. Yiff parties may also be held at a local furs' private residence, however this is rare. The number of participants can vary from a few friends to a large group. Typically the host[ess] allows their guests to do as they please, though some may impose limits or rules, such as only allowing one sex partner per guest (or "bring your own sex partner").

Unlike the far more common general room parties, which are often open to all attendees, yiff parties are almost always private/invitation only gatherings, and are usually (though not always) kept secretive due to the nature of the activities. Such parties have little to no advertising aside from word-of-mouth and private messages. This is done to keep out unwelcome attention and guests, and possible trouble from the hotel, the convention, and/or local law enforcement.

As there are great risks involved in yiff parties, particular when having sex with more then one partner, the practice of safe sex that includes proper use of condoms is promoted.

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