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Yiff code is a string of characters similar in structure to the Geek Code, and based on the Furry code.


Created by Locandez on December 1st, 1997, it is similar to the "furry code", which is used as a Usenet shorthand of a person's furry characteristics, but instead it mainly concerns mainly of the sexual aspects of the user.

The Yiff Code was originally intended to be a furry lifestyler code only, but Locandez decided that categorizing a person's sexuality with a string of characters was easier than doing the same with, for example, their spiritual beliefs or furry mannerisms.

The original Yiff Code had several categories. These were plushophilia, zoophilia, toonophilia, fursuitophilia, TinySex and mundane sex. Each one contains subcategories, such as sexual orientation, macrophilia and microphilia, as well as being able to pick one's preferred species.

Furry Kink Code[edit]

There are many versions of this code. One version was the Furry Kink Code, created and maintained by Furthling on Yiffstar, which allowed users to compare other Yiff codes using the same system. The code generator, decoder, and comparison tool was deleted by its owner from the site in 2007.


YIFF 2.5 M kinsey-4 P hom *Wolves+AND+K9 * 6 Z bi *Wolves+AND+K9 * 8 T 4 S hom *Wolves+AND+K9 * 8 V hom *Wolves+AND+K9 * 8 H hom 8 
WIXXX Ag Bn Cl Do Rl Sw Vy An Mg Rm Ta Tn Wa Br Cd Ex Op Pr Sp Te *shaving* Ci Le Mr Or Pe To *Were*

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