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Yiff Alley Lounge was a non profit adult social hangout established in the virtual world of Linden Lab's Second Life.

Founded in March 2012 Yiff Alley Lounge has been on the mission to bring the furry community of Second Life a high level of quality and standards found no where else on the grid. Owners Victoria Loveless and Lina Pussycat are committed to bring only the best and current items available as well as promoting an openly friendly non biased place to meet and mingle with fellow furs and fur lovers.

While the lounge is an adult oriented establishment, it is more than just another yiffing spot. We focus on being a community and social hangout with a fun light hearted bond that makes the lounge feel like home, thus our motto: “Home of the Misfits.”


The concept of Yiff Alley Lounge came together in early 2012 when both long term SL residents and partners Victoria Loveless and Lina Pussycat began contemplating starting a small self sufficient furry hangout together. The vision was to create an urban stylized lounge and yiff area focused on providing a better quality environment without pestering patrons with a commercial presence via malls and ad boards.

Since it's opening Yiff Alley Lounge has gone through four major builds.

  • The Original Version (March 2012 to June 2012)- Opened up in the Helgrind sim. The lounge consisted of a very simple layout of the lounge being on the ground level with a yiff room on the second floor. The lounge hosted live DJs and events as well as offering private rooms as it continued to grow. However; after a lovers' quarrel which brought a hasty decision this build was removed.
  • The Subway Version (June 2012 to October 2012) - After overwhelming support the lounge was opened back days after closing with this subway theme.[1] During this period the lounge was downgraded to a degree and constantly changing while trying to find its place and mend emotions between the owners and fans.
  • The Theater Version (October 2012 to February 2012) - Lounge was relocated from the Helgrind sim and moved to the Naughty by Nature sim.[2] Theme became much darker and heavily influenced by other games like "Borderlands" and "Fallout". However, the theme might have been too dark for most people.
  • Revamped Original Version (February 2012 to March 2017) - Build was redesigned, returning to the original roots following a similar layout but offering much more.[3] Set in an urban city environment tucked away on a pleasant side street and alley. Like any city there are some rough areas and then some good, mixing the two giving some grunge and class.[4]
  • Closure (March 2017 to Present) - The club was closed on March 2017, no reason appears to have been given for it's closure.[citation needed]


  • Active Staff.[5]
    • Staff members are on hand to assist and provide security.
  • Free Goodies. [6]
    • Freebie furry starter package and items.
    • Free BDSM information and cuffs.
    • Free mesh clothing.
  • Free Use of Private Rooms.


Yiff Alley Lounge rules of conducts:[7]

  • No intolerance: While a furry hangout and club were everybody is welcome, intolerance toward furries nor humans is allowed.
  • No harassment: Harassment of users is not tolerated, and complaints are handled by the site's staff.
  • No drawn weapons: Weapons may be carried in holstered, but not drawn.
  • No underage patrons: Being an Adult establishment, no children, tweens or teens are allowed on premises because of the sites's content.
  • Keep It consensual: YAL is open to all makes and lifestyles, within limits, and respectful to other users' boundaries, opinions and property.


YAL Entrance.jpg YAL Interior.jpg


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