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Yiff.ru is a Russian online art archive solely for adult furry art. The artists featured there are Desiree Lee, Doug Winger, Dr. Comet, Fatalis, Ferris, Frank Gembeck, Furronika, Grrrwolf, Jay Naylor, Jeremy Bernal, Jessica Willard, Sagemonn, Steve Martin, TDK, Todd G. Sutherland, Wolfy, Wookiee, and Steve Carter from MouseHouse. It has a small selection of mature stories, but the focus is on the art galleries. Hosted on the same domain are Inflatables.yiff and Plush.yiff.


Most of the images on the archive are from various copyrighted commercial sources, and requests by some of the artists for the removal of their artwork have had no effect since the site came online.

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