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A yerfer, also known a Yerfite or Yefling (coined by Snoo da Shrew on the Yerf.yap newsgroup, 199?), was a self-label moniker for any long time media artist posting on the Yerf art gallery, any long time user on the Yerf Newsgroups or Yerf forums, or for any person who did not feel comfortable being called a furry, be it fan and/or artist.[1][2][3]

Other uses[edit]

The term "yerfer" could also be used in the sense of a demeaning anti-furry term, as first used in such manner in 1998 by Bad Tiggy in AWFR:

(Yerfers,) those furries that acted like the perceived stereotypical yiffy foxes on any of the furry MUCKs.[4][5]


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