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Ychan is a furry image board that registered users and anonymous visitors may post to.


[edit] Features

Ychan features search capabilities, image tagging, a bookmarking system called Favourites, and support for standard BBCode in posts. Ychan is a project of Yiffy International, and as such enjoys the integration of many of its features, including a private messaging system and distinct user profiles.

Ychan supports image (GIF, JPEG and PNG), Flash (SWF only) and video (MPEG, AVI, WMV and MOV) upload filetypes.[1]

[edit] Tags and searching

Videos and Images on Ychan are taggable. Tags are keywords that go beyond the normal role of assisting searches and facilitate linking to and even suggesting related material. A traditional search interface and tag cloud are provided to cater to spelunkers and casual browsers alike.

[edit] Duplicate Image Detection

While most image boards have traditionally served as temporary dumping grounds, Ychan aims to be an efficient, highly categorized and diverse archive. As such, threads and posts are not phased out or 'pruned' (deleted) and techniques such as Duplicate Image Detection are employed to reduce repeat posts and promote older threads.

The possibility of a false positive (wrong match) when looking up duplicates is remarkably small due to a dual-fingerprinting technique that also produces a longer hash than most contemporary solutions.[2]

[edit] Special boards

Ychan has two "special" boards, /ot/ and /rl/ which are for Off Topic and Real Life content respectively. Images and videos not pertaining to furry are allowed in the Off Topic board while the Real Life board is specifically for content which is deemed "reasonably furry." The criterion is that a photo or video contain one or more of the following:

[edit] Ban list

Yiffy International and Ychan maintain a common public list of banned addresses and information associated with them which the creator affectionately titles The Shit List. The purpose of this list is to facilitate detection, tracking and geolocation of malicious botnets for education, amusement and the benefit of the forensically inclined web community.

[edit] Rumoured legal action against Ychan

Rumours of legal action against Ychan circulated on WikiFur during May-June 2009 were caused by the gross misinterpretation of a statement issued both at Ychan and Yiffy International at that time. The statement outlined the cause of a two-week long period of downtime and the site owner's intent to pursue legal action against the former ISP for their perceived gross negligence. A copy of the release is available on Furryne.ws.

[edit] References

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