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Yawg (real name: pretty dorky) is a furry artist who prefers to think of himself as a quasi-professional illustrator.

He lives in British Columbia, Canada. His furry contributions begin (and end) with a single drawing in Katmandu. More often than not, he'll be lurking on FA searching for the latest in Renamon pr0n, and harassing friends and well-wishers, or streaming from his livestream account.


As a little known fact, Yawg originally began as a wolf- but this slowly metamorphed into the now mostly-recognised White Rat; when asked about this change, Yawg stated that the change in fursona was a little more natural, as wolves are tough and tenacious social animals. Yawg himself is a rat bastard. So, he felt it was more fitting to his own character.

Before the "Great Disappearance" (thanks to Warcraft) in 2006, Yawg had been fostering a crush on Holly, one of Mapper's characters, a 3D artist with whom Yawg had established an artistic rapport with over the preceeding years.

Upon his return, Yawg has been obsessing with the creation of art, centering around the two most-drawn objects of desire in the fandom, Renamon and Krystal.

Activities & Claims to Fame[edit]

Since his return in early 2009, Yawg has yet to draw a single Holly picture- but has since formed the idea of and promoted an International Renamon Appreciation Day on March 28, 2009, and an International Krystal Appreciation Day to appease the other half of the fandom.

Just before August 20th of 2010, Yawg got hassled by Demonfiren, who said that there should be only canon porn of his Goddess Krystal. Yawg, in his own mature way, began Krystal Appreciation Weekend. Due to popularity of cheap porn, Yawg received 68 commissions in a three day period. Krystal Appreciation Weekend lasted from 08/21/10- 02/21/11.

As a cartoonist, Yawg's efforts are few and far between, but typically meet a good response when they do appear.

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