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Yang Watanabe in 2012

Yang Watanabe is a Mexican anthro artist, producer, actor, writer, illustrator and former musician. He is known for being the founder and owner of Freefall Records, an independent and multi genre record label closed in late 2012, and Artegratis, a group focused in Creative-Commons artists promotion. His main alter-ego is a dragon.


Album front artwork of "Growin' Up"
The first Watanabe's musical act was named "M37H0D", an ambient and minimalist project. There's only one rare demo that was produced as M37H0D, "Growin' Up. One of the songs featured there, was dedicated to one of the Yang's friends TaniDaReal, named "Growin' Up/Ashati", in the memory of the Tani's pet, Ashati. Recently, Yang confirmed on his Twitter feed, that "Growin' Up/Ashati" will feature on his second album, but under the name of "Ashati".

The album "Growin' Up" was fully produced and mixed over the DAW FL Studio.

As "Xygen"[edit]

After the ups and downs that "M7D" had the last months, Yang decided to change the things a little bit more, one of these changes, hailed again upon the name, as revealed by Yang Watanabe's Twitter feed during May. The cover for this album, was revealed for the public on May 22 on his Twitter feed and the album was officially released on May 31.


Infinity was a Xygen album to be released on August 5, following the same style of 'Crux' from Codex. Also features a brand new way to produce music. The official track list, album title and release day was announced via his Twitter feed and his Fur Affinity journal on July 15. This album couldn't see the light due to some issues with production and post production. Recently, Yang announced on his Twitter feed that "Infinity" will never see the light because the tracks were deleted in a system crash.

As himself[edit]

On mid 2010, Yang starts a solo project which consists in production for his own tracks and an exclusive recording label called Freefall Records (formerly known as CDragon Records). With this stage name, Yang has made a few covers from artists like Owl City, Carpenters and Pendulum, and remixes by artists like Nine Inch Nails and Celldweller. In late-february of this year, Yang announces that his first album as solo, Hospitality, has been finished, to be released in April 24, 2011, releasing it later in October 13.

Once Hospitality was released, Yang announced via Twitter feed that a new album is in the works.

In October 31, releases "Winter Wrap Up (Sample Wrap Up Mix)", a cover from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" song "Winter Wrap Up", prior the release of "My Little Pony: Making Covers is Magic" , a 5-track EP featuring covers from that TV series.

In late 2011, Yang announced via his Twitter feed that he had quit music, but in late January he announced via his Twitter feed that a self-titled album is on the works. The album turned out to be a conceptual album, released in March 1, 2012, with Flight Of The Dragon, originally from Hospitality, as the only single out of it.


As M37H0D/M7D:

  • Growin' Up/Ashati - Single (2009)
  • Growin' Up - EP (2009)

As Xygen:

  • Codex (2010)
  • Infinity - Unreleased (201?)

As himself:

  • Dark Roads - Single (2010)
  • Hospitality (2011)
  • My Little Pony: Making Covers is Magic - EP (2011)
  • S**t I've Done This Year - Compilation (2011)
  • Flight Of The Dragon - Single (2012)
  • Songs From The Inner Space (2012)
  • Ideas From The Inner Space (2012)
  • 42 - Single (2012)
  • Underground (2012)
  • Broken - EP (2012)
  • Wave Goodbye - EP (2012)


  • Linkin Park - "The Catalyst", "Lost In The Echo" and "Complimentary"
  • Pendulum - "The Island"
  • Nine Inch Nails - "Only" and "The Hand That Feeds" with Cyrbpnkz! and "Vessel" as himself
  • Celldweller — "The Lucky One" and "I Can't Wait"
  • Blue Stahli - "Give Me Everything You've Got"
  • Matisyahu — "Live Like A Warrior"

Unser Kampf[edit]

In 2011, Yang decided to take a break from music and dedicate some time to a project he had since 2009: a webcomic. In mid-May, Yang published his comic called "Unser Kampf" (Our Fight), but due to lack of readers, he decided to cancel it.


The story, as far as it goes, is about 5 classmates who go to as the first players of Dr. Zitko's new product: Unser Kampf: The Videogame, which takes the virtual reality to another level, in which the goal is to kill Adolf Hitler and stop the World War II.

The book[edit]

In June 29, Yang published via Twitter that "Unser Kampf" will be adapted as a book, this by trying to find some writers to make a foreword for the book; "I'm such a bludger when I need to write a foreword, you know?", he said.


In late-2011 Yang announced via Twitter that he started to suffer from MDD (Major depressive disorder) during the production of "Songs From The Inner Space".

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