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Fur Affinity
Yna logo.gif
Author(s) Owner: Trixi, Tet
  • Site Founder: ?
Launch date  ?
End date January 2009
Genre  ?

The YiffNet Attic, or YNA, was an art archive run by Trixi and Tet. YNA was not limited to furry art. YNA accepted literature (no fanfiction), photography, 3D renderings, art (furry and non-furry), fursuits, and sculpture.

In January 2009, visiting the website results in an error page that says:

YNA is broken. It may or may not return soon. -Ryan

The problem referred to was a server hard disk failure.[1]


  1. Server down. post on Livejournal. Posted June 7, 2009. Retrieved June 7, 2013.

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