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Xoxios-Lan is one of the recurring villains of the webcomic Macropod Madness. His abilities are necromancy and the creation of zombies under his command.

How Xoxios-Lan came to be[edit]

Xoxiox was a shy child who was part-ram, part-goat. Because of this, he was the unfortunate victim of belittlement, discrimination, and mental cruelty by the schoolyard children. He then turned to the black arts involving necromancy with a fanatic fervor. With that skill mastered, he set upon his tormentors a hoarde of undead hamsters to wreak havoc upon the school. He would later become the most feared and most hated of the Black Wizards of Macropodia.

Jenna Grape, Lemon Orange, and Orange Orange later faced Xoxios-Lan on his home turf at Death Island. The three roos were able to take down the zombies that inhabited his castle, but he revived the pieces as one undead giant, and put Jenna under a sleeping spell to face Terinios, Master of Nightmares. Due to his almost-constant exposure to decaying flesh, Xoxios-Lan retreated to his bathroom to shower, but unbeknowest to him, Lemon was lurking about. Xoxios slipped on his bar of soap, and fell upon Lemon's knife ten times, causing him to bleed to death.

Upon his defeat, he would later return as a Dark Lich at the Haunted Shrine Ride, turning several unfortunate victims into zombies, but once again, he was defeated by the efforts of Jenna, Orange, Concord Grape, Tree Ninja, and Jacky Mango.

Though he had a contingency plan to further trouble the heroes, Xoxios-Lan's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Cultural references[edit]