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Xeno Skolf, also known as Fenrix and DarligUlv BadWolf, known for his DJ handle DJ Skolf, (formerly DJ XenoWolfe) (born January 26, 1982), is a DJ, musician, producer audio engineer, and YouTuber who lives in Southern California, USA. Xeno is named as such for his affinity for the unknown and mysterious.

Fandom involvement[edit]

In early 2020, Xeno officially joined the furry fandom, releasing his first DJ mix as DJ Skolf. He spins on his Twitch Livestream frequently, especially while furries are sequestered at their homes during the COVID-19's pandemic. DJ Skolf was scheduled to attend Golden State Fur Con but the COVID-19 pandemic interfered. He maintains an application to DJ and staff the event.

Xeno heads up the Twitter Hashtag #FurryCommunitySupport to help draw attention to furries that are helping or need help in the community.


Xeno chose a skolf as his sona due to a lifetime love of wolves and skunks.

Xeno's SFW fursona is a black skunk-wolf hybrid with a lavender stripe from his hair to the tip of his tail. His NSFW sona, Fen (Fenrix), is similar but adds grey to his color palette and piercings. When he performs, he wears a lavender and black palette.


Xeno is the CEO of MyrkyrMedia, where he records music equipment videos, and produces metal/hard rock as DarligUlv BadWolf.

Xeno began his music studies at the tender age of six, playing drums and then bass in his school band. In the later part of the '80s, Xeno was given a Casio keyboard. At 15 years old, Xeno was given an acoustic guitar by a friend and some hard rock CDs, which spurred his love of all things rock. A later BMG music order by a friend introduced him to bands such as Korn, Slipknot, System of a Down, among others.

His interest in music production grew when he was given a laptop in 2000 for his 18th birthday. He quickly learned how to use a DAW and became obsessed with a program called AudioMulch. Its integrated synthesis and sequencing abilities drove Xeno to learn about the burgeoning EDM scene of the early '00s. At this time, Xeno, performing as DJ XenoWolfe, spun a set at Tacoma, Washington's legendary 6th & Proctor, opening the floor for Donald Glaude.

Interested in fusing metal and electronica, Xeno joined and collaborated with a number of bands on the Pacific Coast during this time. It soon became apparent that his skills weren't up to par with the musicians he collaborated with. Xeno took a 15-year hiatus from performing and producing to focus on audio reinforcement and music theory, reentering the music scene in 2019, releasing metal tracks as Darligulv.

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