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Xell is an Anthro Green Duck. Born in 1984 and living in the UK, he has been a member of the Furry fandom since 2002. Although a solitary person in nature he does participate within the furry community and is often seen on Furnet, an IRC server and he has attended various Furmeets within his country. Having a slightly quirky personality, which he describes as an attribute from his Fursona's origins from outer space.

Character history[edit]


The early origins of Xell can be traced back to a childhood imaginary friend of his creator. During this time he was often depicted as a mutant, a human transformed into an Anthro Duck who traveled around the universe with a group of interstellar crusaders who often condoned his presence. Loosely based on concepts taken from cartoons or television shows, primarily such shows as Bucky O'Hare, Sliders, Star Wars and The Might Ducks Animated Series.

Introduction to furry[edit]

When Xell became aware of the furry fandom in 2001 through such websites as the UKFur.org Boards and VCL, his character was reintroduced as just an Alien Duck. Although his opinion about the change was important for socializing with other Furries, this was and still is something he has difficulty with, evident from the lack of posts on the aforementioned websites and others such as Fur Affinity. However he often posted on his LiveJournal about how he felt and what he was doing.


In 2002 Xell went to his first meet hosted by the LondonFurs community. Finding it hard to socialize he moved into the MidFurs community then later to the NorthernFurs (UK) community. Having made friends across the country it wasn't until 2005 that he stopped attending these meets due to the cost of traveling, making trips to see friends more of a priority instead of meets. Although keen to stay active with meeting other furs, he moved to Hampshire and joined the HantsFurs. Unfortunately this was not successful and Xell returned to his hometown of Plymouth.


Xell has yet to go to a Convention due to personal reasons although he had membership to RBW in 2007 and FurtherConfusion in 2008. He is planning to go to EuroFurence in 2008.

Other appearances[edit]

The duck has appeared on TigerTails Radio, where he was gunged for a charity event called Comic Relief. In 2007 Xell has been a guest host on FurPile Radio, which is recorded in the Ollie Pit in Swindon with co hosts Snack Meerkat and Ollie Pup.

Interests in furry[edit]


Xell has enjoyed Fursuits since he was a kid, and often enjoys watching Skits. Although not yet to own his own suit he has created a Border Collie and a Meerkat Fursuit for friends. He hopes to have his own Fursuit ready in time for EuroFurence.


Xell enjoys drawing and is dominantly featured at his Fur Affinity gallery, trying to keep furry and non furry work separate.


Roleplay is not important to Xell but he does enjoy it on occasion and has appeared on FurryMuck and Tapestries as an Anthro Duck or a Husky. However due to his origins, Xell finds it hard to conform to current trends present in the Role Playing community because of his solitary background. He is more likely to engage in light Role Play during conversations when present on FurNet IRC.

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