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Xavier Wolf is a U.K. fur based in Southampton.


Xavier was introduced to the fandom, as many Southampton based furs are, by being introduced to TK Tiger. He was introduced by Jowgenetsu, a fellow fur, who had been debating wolves, wolf packs and the why and wherewithals on him wearing a dog collar. The name Xavier came from his long time lover, Claudia. Xavier was then introduced to the rest of the Hampshire based furs and after a change in personal circumstance, moved in with TK Tiger, Bungle Bearskunk and Blaster Hedgie.


Having been introduced to the fandom, Xavier was then introduced to the furry art world. Having always like art and never had a valid reason since school to do more, Xavier put pencil to paper. The results eventually found there way to Fur Affinity under XavierWolf1979, and even being passed out as prizes to people who took part in the TigerTails Radio Retro Gaming Challenge.


Along with pen and pencil art, Xavier also partook in writing the occasional piece. He never managed to get anything published, at least yet, but did assist with helping TK get back into writing. Partly by introducing his friend Robin who also was a budding author.

TigerTails Entertainment[edit]

Xavier was drafted into helping TigerTails Radio when the Open Mic News episode "Have I Got Open Mic News For You" was recorded between Seasons Two and Three. After the departure of Hedgie from TigerTails Radio mid-way through Season Three, Xavier was drafted in as a guest presenter, but quickly became staff. Since joining the team, Xavier has helped with show organisation, including introducing segments like "Done and Dusted" and the Gaming Challenge. He has also contributed other ideas, created prizes, and often attempts to rain in the madness of his co-hosts. He also assisted in organising the latest TigerTails Radio Meets: the Gaming meet and the Second BBQ In The Park meet.


The biggest thing that Xavier has introduced is his love of role playing games. Long time player of D20 game, Orthodoxy, Xavier was asked to GM some sessions for his fellow house mates. After some tentative steps and introducing his own GM Robin to the house mates, he managed to get a gaming session that has run since 2008.

The adventures and mishaps are talked about on the radio show, and occasional visitors to the house have been drafted in at short notice.

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