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Xanadu is a fantasy comic book created by cartoonist Vicky Wyman which first appeared in 1988. Xanadu first appeared in the miniseries "Thief of Hearts" published by Thoughts & Images beginning in 1988, which was collected by MU Press. MU then published the next miniseries "Across Diamond Seas" which was duly collected by LX Ltd., the publisher of the Xanadu fanzine The Ever-Changing Palace (10 issues).

The setting is in a fantasy world that is populated by humanoid animals. The general society structure has a caste system made up of, in declining order of status:

  • Nobles - mythological creatures like unicorns and dragons.
  • Freeborn - wild animals such as foxes and hawks.
  • Domestique- animals that are domesticated ones in our world such as dogs and cats.

The heroes of the story are:

  • Tabbe Le Fauve, gentleman thief of a cat determined to defy this caste system
  • Jonathan, a cynical mule who is his partner.
  • Alicia - current unicorn Empress of Xanadu whose seemingly frivolous and voracious sexual appetites hide a cunning political skill and a reformer's social conscience.
  • Fatima - A buxom vixen who is Alicia's personal handmaiden and lover to Tabbe
  • Octavius - A stuffy dragon who is Alicia's personal advisor.
  • Kinomon - A young Golden Dragon warrior on loan from the allied Golden Realm.
  • Reginald Plume - a fearsome gryphon, head of the Imperial guard and one-time lover of Fatima. He turned on his Empress when she undermined his authority and aided Fatima in her preference for Tabbe. Despite his haughty ruthlessness, Reginald was probably more popular with readers than Tabbe, the vaunted hero. Wyman made things a little too easy for Tabbe in her story, and her main heroine, Alicia, was a spoiled strumpet and exhibitionist. Given these facts, it was a bit difficult not to sympathize with Reginald rather than the two "good guys".

The comics are noted for an atypical focus on romantic adventure orientation for fantasy with a tone closer to The Princess Bride than other works.

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