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Wyld (Noelle White) is a furry artist who lives in Colorado, USA.[1] She has been active in the furry community since 1993, and hosts the Arvada Tails furry meet and fursuit walk.


Wyld's first fursona was a coyote named Maiitsoh, or Maii for short. Later, Dusk the black fox was established. As of March 2017, her fursona, Wyld, is an African Wild Dog. In 2020 she also is know as Dy the vampire cabbit.

Creative works[edit]

Wyld crafts fursuits and props, and her work includes her own personal fursuit of her fursona.[2]

Wyld also writes, and several of her short stories have been published in the Rocky Mountain Fur Con books (2014-2016).

Theme director for Denfur 2018-2019


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