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Wulfgar Kodiak Hoketilsson-Clark [real name] (born 19 November 1990) is a furry/therian who resides in Moss Side, Manchester, United Kingdom.

Wulfgar's fursona is a black, white and grey Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, dressed as either a typical viking or in combat trousers, a sleeveless t-shirt, black bandana and collar, and a Mjolnir. The latter reflects his dress sense in real life.

The reason Wulfgar sometimes plays a viking is from one his hobbies, being viking re-enactor. The name "Wulfgar Hoketilsson" also stems from this activity, Wulfgar being Anglo-saxon for "Wolf Spear" and Hoketilsson meaning "Son of Hoketil". He also follows the viking religion Ásatrú.

As of February 2010, he resides in Manchester with his Owner and works as a professional musician


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