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Wrincewind J Anonymous, prepping for some mad science.

Wrincewind J Anonymous (more commonly called just Wrince) is a British rat, known for his wandering. The most common place to find him is the forums of the webcomic Plush and Blood.

The Online World[edit]

His fursona's name was taken from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of novels, several years ago. From there, the name simply stuck, mostly due to a lack of imagination.

He became a rat for several reasons: he had always been interested in rodents, having owned several as pets in the past. In his first ever roleplay, he took the character of a emissary from an underground city of rats, and as such had a rat-warrior avatar.

Finding science more interesting than swords, he changed from brown to albino and donned a lab coat. From there, his fursona has firmed into the time-travel regulating, many cloned, syrum-inventing mad doctor he is today.


First and foremost, he invented a manner of generating portals or wormholes to and from wherever he wished.

Contained here is an intercepted message about the methods of generating said portals: http://plushandblood.informe.com/viewtopic.php?p=70468#70468

Aside from the many and varied applications brought from such portals, he has shown great promise in many scientific fields, especially retroviruses, then programmable nanites, suspended in liquid to create a "Syrum". These injections have a variety of built in effects, though some have to be programmed for one specific subject. most commonly, they will change the subject on a cellular and macroscopic level; a good example would be a species or gender change. This requires a lot of energy, some of which is supplied in the fluid, some of which is taken from the host, but the majority is supplied from a small, temporary portal attached to a power supply. Once the transformation is complete, the nanites and the portal deactivate, their components sent to the digestive system to be passed out painlessly and non-intrusively.

These transformations are always painless and relatively fast, taking a matter of minutes for the subject's hair to fall out and be replaced and their body to reconfigure itself utterly. The changes are reversible only with another 'undo' injection of nanites: An antidote of sorts which checks with the nanites report of changes made and compares to the unchanged tissue in certain parts of the subject.

His laboratory is accessible only by portal, and is of incalculable size.

Despite all his many inventions, he is far from immortal: He gets around his somewhat embarrassing vulnerabilities by a complicated system of clones, all of which are hooked up to one another, constantly sharing information.

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