Work Sucks!

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Work Sucks!
Author(s) Kaz Jester
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date 2011
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
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Work Sucks! is a webcomic. It is written and drawn by Kaz Jester, and coloured by Vausch.


Work Sucks! takes place in a world where the animal kingdom did not end up at the top of the food chain.[1] Instead, all sorts of monsters did, and for the anthropomorphic animals of Work Sucks!, ending up in the clutches of a hungry carnivore is just a daily obstacle

The comic centres on Gayle and Terra, who need to find work. On their way to a job interview, they end up getting inhaled by a giant monster named Zeppy. Luckily for them, its belly is the home of Kaz, the Jester, who is looking for help taking care of the immense creature.


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