Woods For The Trees

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Woods For The Trees
Author(s) Thom A Jones
Update schedule Twice Weekly
Launch date August 18, 2005

Woods For The Trees (WFTT) is a webcomic created by Thom "Roofus" Jones, first appearing in his deviantART account, before migrating to its current location at Comic Genesis.

Set in the fictional Derbyshire town of Duxbury, WFTT features a varied cast of characters who happen to live in the area. Most of the cartoons, though, seem to focus on a small core of them; These main characters are Jess, Reuben, and Isabel.


Originally appearing in Thom's deviantART account, early versions of the strip (featuring anthros) were uploaded in late July 2005. In the following month, Thom uploaded a set of newer strips, featuring versions of Jess, Reuben and Isabel much closer to their current forms; updates were sporadic until he began the first story arcs in September.

In October, Thom announced that he was going to get his comic its own website. Work continued through the rest of the year, and WFTT eventually appeared on Comic Genesis, its current host, at the end of February, 2006. The archives go back to 14 February.


  • Jess: A border collie belonging to a family who's garden backs onto the woodland Reuben and Isabel live in. Jess can best be thought of as a massive sci-fi enthusiast and computer game addict with an overactive imagination.
  • Reuben: A fennec, who used to live at the Chester Zoo; however, he later escaped, and now lives in the area.
  • Isabel: A red fox, Isabel is one of the more violent members of the WFTT cast, though it may be notable that she's also the only one who hunts for her food.
  • Seamus: Jess's father, the Irish sheepdog from the local farm. A gambling addict.
  • Bosco: Jess's brother, whose first owner was a drug dealer in Manchester, Bosco has acquired many of the mannerisms typical of stoners; this is likely due to the fact that he was rewarded with drugs when his owner trained him as a guard. He's also mad about Isabel, much to her chagrin.
  • Kaylee: A horse at the local farm, Kaylee is often seen playing cards with Seamus, and usually beating him.
  • Selby: A caffeine-addicted springer spaniel who acts as a guard dog at the farm, Selby works under Seamus.
  • Pippin: The cat Jess's owner recently bought, Pippin enjoys making fun of Jess.
  • Riff & Suz: Two American grey squirrel siblings who's main desire is to fly, and/or acheive some other "radical high". Most other animals in the area think they are "utterly insane, dangerous retards".
  • Trevor: An owl that acts as Headmaster of the local woodland "school".
  • Brian: An opertunist cat who's main ambition in life is to get away with any scam he can muster the energy for.
  • Ria: A shetland sheepdog English teacher at Trevor's school who Jess has the hots for as she shares his love of sci-fi. Recently took Jess to what she thought was a harmless convention of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fans but in actuality turned out to be a death-cult run by scam artists. Brian was not involved.
  • Sandy: Selby's sister and best friend of Ria. Although not as excitable as her brother, she is a daydreamer who imagines her life in a series of fantasys, usually involving whatever film she watched last. She has had one litter of two pups, Max and Kasha, but neither live with her.
  • The Harry Gang: The local Magpie Mafia who moved from London after they were forced out by a rival gang. They feed their desire for "shineys" by selling items stolen from humans to the animals and running Pidgeon protection rackets.