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WonderfullyG (born January 22)[1] is a female anthro artist who lives in Texas, USA.[2]. Her "fursona is a feline tailmouth."[3]


On October 5, 2013, spookytreats posted to Artists Beware stating "WonderfullyG has been tracing art for some time. Most of them are just traced from google images and uploaded on her websites as Preposes or YCH auctions."[4] WonderfullyG stated in a comment to the post "I am sorry for havin traced art and anime. I got suspended for it and I stopped. I went to real life people and porn. I didn't know people would be able to tell and that it wasn't against the rules. If I could id pay everyone back. I always felt bad abou it. I will not be drawing any more unless just for myself on computer."[5]


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